When is the last time you made an impulse buy in a grocery store or clothing retailer? Where did this impulse buy occur? More than likely, it occurred near the register as you waited in line. What lured you in was probably the signage surrounding the shelves of candy bars or lip glosses. The strong forces at work behind these types of purchases are called “point of purchase advertising” or “POP”. We all give in to impulse buying; and many times, it’s a product we already like or we will come to love.  

Harnessing the power of an impulse purchase begins with a great oversized print campaign. The goal of POP advertising is to encourage impulse buys. In order to do this, stores and brands create signs and displays that are both eye catching and persuasive. They might tout some fantastic 2 for 1 deal, give recipe suggestions for an often-overlooked ingredient they’re trying to push, or encourage a buy with simple copy that says “grab a snack!” 

The (proven) logic is that signs and displays will draw attention and encourage a purchase. In fact, Ad Age reports that a family of four will spend 61% of its total grocery bill on unplanned purchases. 

Translation: It’s open season out there, and you need to catch the consumer’s eye with imagery. 

Business that Thrive with POP Advertising 

A number of businesses can benefit from POP displays. Common industries that utilize this form of advertising include health and beauty companies, restaurants, gas stations, boutiques and clothing retailers, and grocery stores. Essentially, any company selling tangible products can benefit from placing POP displays near registers in a multitude of businesses.  

Benefits of POP Advertising 

Point of purchase advertising offers unique advantages. Some of the most common benefits associated with POP displays include: 

  • Utilizing a strategic location: POP Displays are typically found at check-out lines/registers and at the end of aisles. A great example of this is a well-stocked makeup display at the end of the health and beauty section of large grocery stores.  
  • Attracting a customer’s attention: POP displays are eye-catching because they feature vivid colors and carefully-placed graphics. The products they contain also have pleasing packaging and are neatly arranged. All these factors can attract potential customers who pass by your display. 
  • Generating sales at a low cost: In most cases, POP displays are far less expensive than paying for conventional advertising on television, print, or radio. 
  • Taking the burden off retailers for merchandising: While it’s great to have relationships with retailers, relying solely on retailers to present your product to customers can be ineffective. With POP displays, you can ensure that your brand’s products are merchandised in a way that speaks to your brand and visually appeals to consumers.  

Oversized Printing for All Your Needs  

Here are a few examples of what we print here at Pel Hughes: 

  • Vinyl Banners 
  • Window Adhesives 
  • Floor Graphics 
  • A Frame Signs 
  • Banner Stands 
  • Canvas Prints 
  • Foamcore Boards 
  • Yard Signs 
  • Posters 

At Pel Hughes, we are experienced in creating POP signs and displays that are beautiful, eye catching, and completely aligned with your brand. 

We have the capability to put your POP message on a huge variety of materials, from glass to plastic to vinyl – so dream big. 

If you’re in need of stellar customer service and beautiful branded materials, fill out our contact form so that we can better understand your needs or give our team a call at (504) 486-8646.