Make an Impact at Your Next Trade Show - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

The time to think about and prepare for your next trade show is right after your last one. Before you hit the trade show floor, having your game plan, your players, and your props in order is important to make a serious impact on trade show attendees (aka: your potential prospects and customers). When it comes to preparing for your trade show, give yourself ample time. Rushing this process can leave stones unturned and a lackluster impact on others.  

Attracting Attention 

A trade show offers a limited amount of time to grab your prospect’s attention. Knowing who you want to attract is your first step. Developing a game plan of how to attract them is your second. Once you’ve defined your ideal prospects, you need to understand what will catch their interest. People are visual creatures. Your booth needs to look sharp with professional signage, banners, and posters. Overuse of these important items though can do more harm than good. We recommend consulting with our team at Pel Hughes. Our experts can help you develop clean, eye-catching materials—from brochures to banners—for your booth that are cohesive with your brand.  

Choosing What to Share 

When you’re working a trade show, it’s crucial that you know what to say, how to say it, and in what order to say it. Working on this ahead of time, with your target audience in mind, can develop maximum verbal efficiency with minimal time. You’ll be able to deliver the information about your product or service that people need to receive in order to take things to the next level.  


This is mostly about how to present your facts with flair and style. Your pitches and presentations should be short and professional. Avoid being overly aggressive with your tactics as this behavior can be off-putting.  

What works best for you depends on a happy balance of you, your product, and your target audience. Practicing your unique approach to your brand ambassadorship will help you maintain professionalism without appearing too casual—or worse—desperate.  

Participating in a trade show is about getting the word out about present and future products and services. Preparation beforehand increases the chances of connecting with those who want what you have to offer. If you need help developing an attention-grabbing booth that leaves a lasting impression, fill out a contact form on our website or call us at (504) 486-8646.