Finding inventive ways to boost brand recognition and develop a loyal base of customers can help set you apart from your competition. One simple and effective way to enhance your current marketing efforts is to invest in decals and stickers. These items, when professionally designed, can help you develop a brand with staying power.  

Here’s six reasons you should consider adding decals to your marketing strategy.  

#1 Stickers/Decals are Cost Effective 

Stickers are cost-effective forms of marketing. It won’t break the bank to print a few hundred decals. 

#2 Let Your Customers Advertise for You 

Adhesive decals make it possible for your customers to advertise for you. Most of the time, well-made decals end up on laptops, metal thermoses, vehicles, and mobile phone cases.  

#3 Increase Exposure to Your Brand 

Each person who slaps your decal on their personal effects could easily expose hundreds of people to your brand in a week’s time. This type of exposure breeds familiarity with your brand, which can convert new customers in no time.  

#4 Drive Interest to Your Website and Social Media 

You can place your website’s URL and/or your social media handles on your decal. When potential customers see these items, they may be inclined to visit your digital properties and follow you on social media. Merging the digital world with real life is a big factor in modern enterprises’ recipes for success.  

#5 Convey Appreciation for Your Customers 

Stickers and decals can be used as a free gift. Let’s say you own an online boutique, every package you ship to a customer could include a branded decal. Although it’s a small token of appreciation, your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  

#6 Creates Opportunities for Cross-Promotional Marketing 

Working with other companies can be an effective way to gain new and loyal customers. This is why you will see the branded materials of another company in a retail store or a coffee shop. Cross-promotional marketing works best when you establish relationships with companies that are not your direct competition. Leaving branded items like pens and decals at another business can help you tap into a customer base that may not have heard about your business.  

Tips for Designing Great Decals 

Knowing you need to add decals to your marketing is half the battle. Poorly-executed decals are a waste of time and money. When it comes to great decal design, it’s important to thoughtfully incorporate your existing logo and maintain a similar aesthetic to your products, website, and social media.  

Consulting with a graphic design professional is your best bet. A graphic designer can take your existing logos and help ensure that your decals maintain a cohesive brand image. Fortunately, Pel Hughes offers a team of in-house graphic designers who work with our printing pros to develop beautiful marketing materials. Our team can add embellishments, too like raised varnish or foils to make your decal stand out from the crowd.  

If you have questions about print advertising and marketing, give our friendly team of experts a call at (504) 486-8646 or submit a contact form from our website.