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COVID-19 has upended the lives of people across the globe. On top of a concerning death toll, this mysterious new disease has also wreaked havoc on the business world. Companies in every industry are revamping their practices and trying to anticipate the ways that a novel virus could affect their business.  

Those who utilize presentation folders might be wondering how COVID will affect this common sales practice. Fortunately, there is some insight on how presentation folders will fit into the business climate.  

Presentation folders drive sales—especially in specific industries. According to CEOs of printing companies, the presentation folder has had a moment of importance during the pandemic. Presentation folders have been especially beneficial to healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers. They have also been useful for real estate agents, banking institutions, and lenders along with service providers such as house cleaners, power washers, and roofers.  

In addition to presentation folders’ surge in popularity, brochures have become a well-liked communication tool for sales. Both types of products give new and existing consumers tangible materials packed with helpful information.  

In the wake of COVID-19, sales professionals have endured unprecedented stress. Consumers are wary of getting too close to people—which makes it difficult for sales professionals to discuss services and products in a way that they are used to. Items like presentation folders and brochures have become valuable communication tools for sales people because it conveys important messages while allowing consumers to keep a distance that is safe and comfortable to them.  

What Makes Great Presentation Folders 

Presentation folders and brochures might become the most effective tools you have to communicate with your clientele. When designed properly and printed with quality materials, these items can make a lasting impression on existing and potential clients.  

Some key elements to consider when developing presentation folders are common design components such as fonts, color, and graphics along with the quality of paper you choose. The costs of printing custom brochures and presentation folders is at a historic low due to advancements in technology and design software. A reduction in cost means that many organizations can invest in quality paper that makes a strong, favorable impression.  

It’s important to remember that printed materials evoke one of the senses often overlooked in the modern age: touch. Investing in good quality paper that has texture and weight can increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and build a favorable reputation with your brand.  

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to discuss marketing and advertising tools with a printing company. Pel Hughes offers a team of experienced graphic designers and printing professionals along with cutting edge technology to serve your business’ unique needs.  

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