Direct Mail Tips for the Holiday Season - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Despite a raging pandemic and a host of other economic woes, businesses throughout the United States are welcoming the Holiday Season with open arms. Holiday spending can help put a lot of enterprises’ ledgers back in the black. Direct mail is a great way to entice potential customers, especially those who are staying indoors to avoid COVID-19. A compelling piece of direct mail could help them plan their holiday shopping—especially if they want to avoid crowds in brick and mortar stores.  

Our team at Pel Hughes are experts at crafting direct mail that increases sales and builds awareness for your brand. Here’s a rundown of some of our holiday tips and tricks to help you develop a Holiday Season game plan.  

Showcase Holiday Promotions 

The festive atmosphere and generous nature of the Holiday Season is the peak time for direct mail campaigns. If you want to make sure your direct mailer stands out among a sea of holiday mail pieces, then make sure you utilize highly unique holiday promotions and offers.  

Offering unique promotional products instead of products that can be found in every retail store can be a way to entice shoppers. Send these unique promotional offers out to a very specific target audience in order to increase your chances of success with your direct mail holiday campaign.  

Offer Special Discounts or Incentives 

Another aspect to attracting customers is to slash the price of a few big-ticket items while also showcasing other well-liked products. If you’re lucky, the big-ticket items will attract them to your store or website where they will likely find other products they want to buy, too. Buy one, get one free (BOGO) or any other similar promotions that involve purchasing multiples of a product are a great way to incentivize your buyers and make a dent in your inventory.  

Incorporate QR Codes  

With the fallout of the pandemic upon us, QR codes could be a proverbial Godsend. While some shoppers will put on a brave face (and a mask), many of them will prefer to err on the side of caution and shop from the safety of their homes. Smartphone scannable codes make it easy for your buyers to go from viewing direct mail to shopping online.  

Invite Readers to Follow Your Business on Social Media 

Your direct mail should always encourage your customers to follow you on social media. Tiny thumbnails for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with your social media handle can make the process much easier. Directing potential customers to social media helps increase their exposure to your brand and get a sense of what makes your enterprise a worthwhile place to spend their money.  

While digital marketing is a powerhouse for developing brand awareness and driving sales, direct mail should not be overlooked. Well-executed direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective methods for expanding your customer base.  

If you need help developing a great direct mail campaign or managing a direct mail database, give the Pel Hughes team a call at (504) 486-8646. From graphic design to in-house printing, our team will help your business thrive every step of the way.