Direct Mail and Print Marketing Can Complement and Increase Online Sales - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Marketing in the 21st century is certainly dominated by digital channels. While having a content-forward website and blog along with an active social media presence is essential to a business’ survival, print advertising and direct mail still have a place in every business’ marketing strategy. In fact, properly executing direct and print marketing initiatives can increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and drive sales. Getting the most out of your print marketing and direct mail requires careful planning and professional support.  

Following are three important ways printed material can complement and increase online sales. 

Personalization Resonates with Consumers 

Printed media allows the user to touch something and see the products on display in their hands. They identify more intimately with the company and its products than they do online. Research has shown that personalized mail resonates with every generation, including boomers and millennials.  

Stimulation of the Senses 

Printed media also provides a pleasing feast for the senses. For example, the recipient can hold a catalog. They can see the products on the pages. At times, it might even be possible for them to smell fragrances. For younger people, this stimulation of the senses is a welcome break from the more impersonal online experience. Older generations find printed media rekindling memories of their youth. Either way, it is a winning situation for the sender. 

Legitimize Your Business 

Last, but not least, printed media helps a business appear real. There is no shortage of fly-by-night companies using the impersonal nature of the Internet to sell products of inferior quality or dubious origin. Print marketing and direct mail initiatives can drive sales by separating you from the competition and legitimizing your business.  

When you provide QR codes, website URLs, and business handles for your social channels on direct mail and print advertising, potential customers can find your business with ease online. Connecting digital marketing with print can help increase sales while expanding your brand’s reach.  

Start a Direct Mail Print Campaign Today 

The goal of any successful marketing campaign is to capture new customers and retain current clients. Printed media remains a primary means of doing so. Our team of graphic designers can help you develop polished materials that protect your brand and convey your professionalism.  

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