Like countless other businesses, you might be devoting all your advertising and marketing efforts to digital channels. While digital advertising is generally good for business, if you’re relying solely on digital, you might want to look into print advertising. According to a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, print is considered the most trustworthy form of advertising among 82% of respondents. 

The trick to maximizing the ROI on print advertising is to select the most effective forms of advertising. It’s clear that print news is on the decline so dedicating your advertising budget to newspapers likely won’t yield the best bang for your buck. Here we will break down some of the best ways to utilize print advertising. 


While the popularity of newspaper advertising is dwindling, magazine advertising is still considered trustworthy by consumers and effective by seasoned advertising professionals. While you may not be able to afford a two-page spread in Better Homes and Gardens, you could likely afford an advertising spot in a local magazine. In fact, the number of magazines in circulation tailored to locals might surprise you. We recommend contacting regional publishers and trade magazines to inquire about their advertising prices. 

Pel Hughes boasts an in-house graphic design team that can help you develop polished and beautiful print ads. 

Direct Mail

If you’re looking for an effective form of print advertising that won’t break the bank, we recommend researching direct mail. This form of advertising has higher conversion rates than social media and e-mail marketing. Moreover, personalized direct mail is a hit among all age groups. Viewed as a nostalgic and trustworthy form of advertising, a direct mail campaign is a great way to get locals interested in your business—especially when your campaign includes incentives like discounts and promotional codes. 

A great direct mail campaign merges your digital presence with your brick-and-mortar one. We recommend adding your social media handles and website URL to your direct mail’s copy. It’s especially helpful when your promotional codes and discounts are accepted in-person and online. 

Our team of graphic designers and printing pros can help you execute effective and well-received direct mail. We can also help you manage your mailing lists, too. 

Door Hangers

Another cost-effective form of print advertising is launching a door hanger campaign. Door hangers are less likely to be discarded before reading. These simple pieces grab attention because of where they are placed. They’re also cost-effective as postage is not necessary. Door hangers, like direct mail, can easily help connect potential customers with your digital channels by placing website URLs and social media handles in their copy. 

The pros at Pel Hughes can help you target specific neighborhoods and develop custom door hangers in line with your brand’s messaging and imagery. 

Local magazines, direct mail, and door hangers can help you target your ideal customer. From food and retail to service-based businesses, these forms of print advertising are suitable for an array of industries and the nonprofit sector. 

If you are new to print advertising, give Pel Hughes a call at (504) 486-8646. Our woman-owned enterprise works with businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.  

The Digital Age is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean print is obsolete. In fact, print is making a comeback in the form of direct mail, branded materials, and more. Although more people are shopping online than ever before, you can drive traffic to your digital channels with polished print pieces. 

In the last two decades, businesses in every major industry have moved their marketing efforts to digital spaces. While digital marketing is beneficial, there’s still a need for conventional print advertising. Exhaustive market research has shown that companies who utilize both traditional and digital advertising see higher ROIs and conversions than businesses who rely on one form of advertising and marketing. 

The trick with omnichannel marketing is to choose forms of advertising that work. Wasting your money and time on ineffective marketing is simply unwise. When it comes to print, it’s best to stick with the tried-and-true methods of reaching new customers and building brand awareness. The most effective form of traditional print advertising is direct mail

The Effectiveness of Direct Mail

The only method of advertising that surpasses direct mail is e-mail. While e-mail is performing well, enhancing your current marketing initiative with direct mail can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales. Direct mail is seeing a renaissance of its own, too. This form of advertising resonates with all generations—including the coveted millennial demographic. Researchers believe the popularity of direct mail is rooted in nostalgia. After all, we all yearn for simpler times. 

Direct mail is effective because you have less competition. As mail has dwindled in popularity, well-made direct mail could stand out in consumers’ mailboxes. On average, a mailbox sees just under 20 pieces of mail in a week while the average number of e-mails in an inbox surpasses 600 per week. The volume of e-mail coming through our inboxes demonstrates just how steep the competition for one’s attention is. 

What’s more impressive is that direct mail boasts an ROI of 29%, which is significantly higher than paid search and online ads. A recent study that surveyed 600 respondents found that adding direct mail to digital marketing has significantly increased sales among 83% of the survey’s participants. 

How to Tap Into the Power of Direct Mail

If you’re interested in utilizing direct mail, now is a great time to add it to your current marketing repertoire. A word of caution is necessary, however. Poorly-executed direct mail could be a waste of your time and your money. Investing in quality direct mail is the best way to see favorable ROI. Unprofessional copy and typeface along with cheap stock will not leave a positive impression on your target audience. 

Great direct mail looks professional and polished. Your mail should be cohesive with your brand’s image and appeal to consumers. Clean and sleek design with compelling copy on quality paper will help you put your best advertising foot forward. 

Our team of seasoned printing pros and graphic designers at Pel Hughes can help. We work with businesses of all sizes in all major industries. We also utilize the latest printing and database technology to help our clients succeed. 

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It might seem like everything is digital in the business world—especially with the advent of the Zoom meeting and widespread telecommuting in the COVID-19 era. While it might be true that most business is conducted virtually, there is still a very real need for a business card. The business card has no digital counterpart—it’s a tangible item that we still pass around in B2B meetings, at seminars, at tradeshows, and with potential vendors and customers. 

If you’ve ever wondered why a business card is still important, read on for key insights. 

Make a Great First Impression

Consider your business card an extension of your professional self. A poorly-designed business card is certainly not the way to put your best foot forward. A professionally designed card, however, sends a great message. Working with in-house graphic designers and printing pros can help ensure that your brand’s message stays on point. 

Reap the Benefits of Direct Marketing

Although there’s no shortage of ways to market your business, passing out business cards is still an effective direct marketing tool. When you make connections at tradeshows or on an airplane, handing out your business card could easily turn into sales. Business cards are especially powerful because they legitimize your business. After all, you had to make an in-person connection before handing over your card. 

Make Contacting You Much Easier

Sometimes a quick Google search can make it easy to find your phone number or e-mail, but information aggregated online isn’t always accurate. Besides, a potential sales call could be rerouted to a colleague of yours if a prospect calls your company’s main line. A business card can prevent these miscommunications. Not only is your contact information in plain view – so is the correct spelling of your name. 

Develop Trust Among Consumers and Other Businesses

In the Digital Age of doing business, there is no shortage of fly-by-night, less-than-honest operations. This can make consumers and B2B partners justifiably apprehensive. Business cards, however, are a reminder of an in-person interaction, which helps vet and validate your professionalism. 

How to Make a Business Card Stand Out

A small rectangular card might seem like a simple thing; just add a logo, your name, your job title, and your phone number and you’re set. The truth is that not all business cards are created equal. The weight of the stock used to the typeface can say a lot about your business and your professionalism.

Cheap stock and blurry logos can turn off potential collaborators, vendors, and customers. Going overboard with flashy colors, illegible fonts, and busy design can have the same negative effect. 

Great design and quality stock can go a long way. When in doubt, consulting with a graphic designer and printing pro can help ensure that your business cards make a memorable impression. Although it might seem easier to use digital printing companies where you upload your own logo and select your typeface, working with professionals can help prevent you from making a business card faux-paus. 

Our team at Pel Hughes understands great design and top-notch stock. If you’re in the market for a professional and sleek business card, give our experts a call at (504) 486-8646

Any company can ship products in a standard brown box. As more people turn to online shopping, it’s becoming more difficult to create a unique shopper experience. Pre-Covid and pre-internet, brick-and-mortar retailers would take great care in developing a unique shopper experience. For instance, brands like Williams Sonoma, Pier One, Victoria’s Secret, and Abercrombie & Fitch would play specific styles of music, utilize enchanting blends of scents, and invest in unique lighting to develop a consumer experience that enveloped the senses. One way to tap into the power of the memorable consumer experience within the Digital Age is to utilize custom printed mailer boxes

Creating a Brand Experience with Digital Consumers

The days of driving to a store and browsing merchandise are no longer the norm. Today, whether that’s receiving a monthly subscription service or placing an order on Amazon, the majority of products consumed are shipped from warehouses. Since it’s become harder to entice your target consumer with an in-person exchange, it’s more important now than ever, to develop a brand experience that can translate beyond the four walls of your store. 

One way to reach your customers is through the mail. Your packaging can stimulate their senses as they open their products. A custom mailer box is a departure from the appearance and feel of a standard brown box. With a customized mailer box, your logo and unique color scheme is on display. By choosing cardboard stock that’s pleasing to touch and eye-catching design, your mailer box can bring your brand’s experience right into your customer’s household. 

Creating a memorable experience, that makes checking the mail exciting, can foster brand recognition and consumer loyalty. A custom mailer box shows your customers that you are investing in their patronage of your brand. 

Elements of a Great Custom Mailer Box

A great custom mailer box will need a stimulating design, color scheme, and easily-recognizable branding with your logo on full display. Accomplishing this feat involves careful consideration of each part of your box’s appearance. Fonts should be legible and enjoyable to read. Your logo should be placed where it’s easily seen. The colors you select should perfectly complement all the elements of your box’s design. Great custom mailer boxes should never look unprofessional or busy. 

The appearance of your custom box doesn’t just involve its outer surfaces. The inside of the box can be customized, too. From patterned graphics to solid colors, the inside of your mailer box should match its outer contents. Attention to these finer details helps foster a memorable experience for your customers. 

Other elements that you can incorporate with mailer boxes include custom tissue paper and promotional inserts like coupon codes or a sneak peek of upcoming products. 

If you’re looking to take your consumer experience to the next level, our team at Pel-Hughes can help. We offer in-house printing and fulfillment, campaign automation, and database management to give our clients a one-stop destination for all their printing needs. Visit our website to request a quote.

The point of marketing is to be seen. While direct mail can be effective, there are times when a brand is “out of sight; out of mind” if it is lost in a sea of promotional mail. One way to bypass the tendency of consumers to throw away promotional mail without looking at it is to invest in door hangers. A door hanger is an effective tool that can reach a lot of people without having to spend a lot of money. This cost-effective form of marketing has a number of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Following are the top three benefits to launching a door hanger campaign. 

Door Hangers are Affordable

Launching a door hanger campaign is one of the most affordable ways to market and advertise your business. One reason that door hangers are so affordable is that postage isn’t necessary to disseminate them. Simply hire people to place them on the doors of homes in your specified area and wait for calls to your business to roll in. 

Printing door hangers doesn’t require overly expensive paper nor does it utilize expensive printing techniques. 

Customizing Door Hangers is Easy

Door hangers are easy to customize with your brand’s logo, preferred color scheme, and fonts. This can help you keep your brand’s message consistent and in line with what potential customers see on your social media channels, website, and your store or office. Maintaining cohesiveness across all your branding is crucial to developing brand recognition and awareness. 

Developing a great door hanger campaign is easy—Pel Hughes has in-house graphic designers to help you develop eye-catching design that resonates with your target audience. If your organization has in-office graphic artists, we can print your door hangers with ease from designs you have already had developed, too. 

Door Hangers Grab Attention

A door hanger commands attention. It makes sense; a consumer can’t get into their home without making contact with your printed materials. Door hangers have a 99% read rate, which means that your materials have a high rate of impact. This means that your door hanger is less likely to be discarded without reading than other forms of print advertising. 

Who Benefits from Door Hangers?

Corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits can benefit from door hanger campaigns. Whether you’re hosting a clothing drive for a worthy cause or advertising a blowout sale, a door hanger can promote your organization and make a compelling call to action at the same time. 

Door hangers are particularly beneficial to the following types of businesses:

  • Restaurants and catering companies
  • Service-based businesses such as roofing, painting, house cleaning, and landscaping
  • Local boutiques and brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Second-hand stores
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Professional services such as accounting, dental practices, insurance agencies, clinics, and law firms

Pel-Hughes offers a seasoned team of printing professionals and graphic designers to help entrepreneurs in diverse industries develop well-executed marketing materials. We operate in-house for printing and fulfillment with some of the most advanced technology in the printing industry. Our team of dedicated professionals commands experience with companies of all sizes and non-profit organizations. 

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Spot UV and foil printing can produce striking effects on your printed materials. Especially beneficial for save-the-dates or to embellish logos, spot UV and foil printing both add a luxurious touch to printed pieces. To better understand how your artwork should be set up for this type of specialty service, it’s wise to have a basic understanding of spot UV and foil printing.  

Spot UV 

The term “spot UV” refers to the process of applying a varnish to areas of a document for a raised and shiny effect. While varnishes can be applied to an entire document, spot UV focuses only on specific areas of stock. The name comes from the ultraviolet exposure used to dry the coating of the varnish in a quick manner. The drying process is what gives spot UV its lustrous effect.  

You have probably seen spot UV embellishments on save-the-dates, business cards, or to add texture to artistic photography.  

Foil Printing 

“Foil printing” refers to a process of applying a metallic foil to paper stock. Metallic foils can also be pigmented, which provides a selection of color with a metallic finish. Foil printing can also be called “stamping” and “foil blocking”. The process to produce foil printing involves placing foil to paper stock and using a combination of pressure, heat, and metal dies to produce a desired effect.  

You have probably seen foil printing on greeting cards, event invitations, and even restaurant menus.  

Preparing Artwork for Print 

Before you give your printer your designs, it’s important to know how to set up your artwork. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide. 

#1 Create Your Design in A Vector-Based Program 

Create your artwork with software like InDesign or Photoshop and save your design as a PDF file. Avoid using file extensions like JPG as it could affect the appearance of your final product. Save your artwork with the words “final design” in its file name. This file will help your printer understand how you want your printed product to look.  

#2 Separate the Effects You Want from the Main Design 

Open a new file of your artwork and cut the items that will have either spot UV or foil printing effects to their own file. The items you do not want to have special effects will be in another file. Label these two files accordingly. Be sure to place the “cut” images exactly where they would appear in the final design.  

#3 Convert Images to a Spot Color 

The images you want to have a spot UV or foiled effect need to have a spot color. Be sure to set your color mode to “CMYK” and choose cyan, magenta, or black. This spot color should be 100% color, not a tint.  

#4 Save Your Files With Clear Labels and Send to Your Printer 

Each file should be clearly labeled for your printer. The file that will be used for the special effect portion of your product should be saved with the words “spot” or “foil plate” in its file name. Be sure to send the total rendering to your printer so he or she knows what you envision for the final product.  

Spot UV and foil printing can take your wedding invitations, business cards, and other items to the next level. If you need help understanding more about the process or assistance with setting up your artwork, give Pel Hughes a call at (504) 486-8646. Our mission is to deliver high quality print materials with unparalleled client service. 

Digital readership is popular, whether that’s reading the news on your phone in the morning over coffee or purchasing a Kindle to download the latest best seller. Although less print books and papers are bought than in the past, they are still in circulation because it turns out: people love to read in print.  

When it comes to business, you might use less print advertising and other materials like annual reports, brochures, and direct mail because you can produce many of these items digitally. Although there is a reduction in print, most businesses will still have some materials printed. Today’s business owner has to strike a balance between accommodating its consumers’ needs in both mediums.  

While digital readership is new, there is quite a lot of research on the subject of consumer preferences. Some people are over the moon for digital, it’s eco-friendly, requires less space, and easily transportable. For digital readers, getting a book is as easy as downloading a copy to their tablet or smartphone. A visit to a bookstore isn’t necessary.  

Those who love print, though will continue to subscribe to magazines, journals, and newspapers. A trip to the nearest bookstore is a fun excursion and they bask in the experience of leisurely browsing publications before they make their purchase.  

Statistics on Preferences of Digital and Print 

Although digital reading has many advocates, the actual statistics on consumer preferences are interesting. It turns out that preferences for each medium cannot be attributed to specific generations as many young people enjoy print, too.  

Some noteworthy statistics include: 

  • In 2014, a poll found that 72% of college students preferred physical copies of textbooks to digital ones. Common reasons for this preference included reduced eyestrain, accessibility without Internet access, and the ability to highlight important sections of text.  
  • Of college students who have access to digital textbooks, 50% print them anyway to have a physical copy. 
  • Those who prefer print from ages 18-29, cited a love for experience of print, such the smell and texture of books as the reason for their preference.  
  • In 2018, the book publishing industry made $26 billion, overwhelmingly outselling digital copies. 
  • About 63% of book sales in the UK were made by people under the age of 44, which means that the publishing industry is kept afloat by many age groups, including younger people.  

One professor of education at the University of North Dakota, Virginia Clinton, studied the preferences of print and digital readership. Clinton’s research was inspired by her students’ preferences for print, even though using digital copies of textbooks saved them money. In her research, she found that reading in print produces more comprehension and retention of material than digital. Her research indicated that in instances of retaining non-fiction material, print is certainly preferable to digital.  

When it comes to business, however, companies have to strike a balance between print and digital that suits their unique needs and their consumers’ needs. This process involves careful market research and evaluation of how digital and print advertising is performing.  

Pel Hughes is a woman-owned enterprise that offers in-house printing for direct mail and marketing materials. Our team of printing professionals and graphic designers serve businesses of all sizes in a number of industries, including nonprofits, healthcare, and education. Visit our website and blog to learn more about our services.

Print advertising might be in decline during the digital age but it’s not dead. The truth is that print advertising is still relevant, even in the time of Covid-19. If you provide a service-based business or have a brick-and-mortar store, you absolutely need to tap into effective methods of print advertising. From mailing circulars and promotional offers to having catalogues, print advertising can take your business to the next level.  

Our team at Pel Hughes has compiled some compelling reasons that demonstrate how important print advertising is in the modern age.  

#1 If you interface with your customers/clients in person, print will always be valuable.  

Unless you’re running a web-based business, print advertising should have a place in your marketing budget. Whether that’s coupons handed out at the point of sale or mailing promotional offers to your community, print advertising can boost sales and bring more customers to your door.  

#2 Luxury customers enjoy print.  

Let’s say you run a high-end boutique. Luxury customers tend to value print advertising over digital. Sending a seasonal or yearly catalogue to recurring customers might encourage them to leave their homes and shop in person.  

#3 Print advertising can complement your digital marketing efforts.  

Print and digital don’t have to be in competition; in fact, they can complement each other. Print advertising can offer incentives such as special offers or insider information to recipients who follow you on social media or sign up for newsletters with their e-mail address. This can help beef up your digital presence while engaging with your community.  

#4 Digital advertising isn’t tangible.  

If your business involves aesthetics and design, print still has a place. Whether that’s having brochures and/or glossy catalogues, you will likely need a combination of print and digital to get your message across. Print advertising evokes the sense of touch, too. High quality paper with texture can leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customers.  

#5 Print can enhance sales—especially during a pandemic.  

COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with one another. A firm handshake or having a one-on-one discussion in close quarters could be deadly. This fear has affected traditional sales. Having an eye-catching brochure or a well-designed presentation folder can help you sell what your brand has to offer. 

#6 Direct mail still resonates with consumers.  

Coupons, postcards, and promotional offers still translate to sales. Developing a great direct mail campaign has a higher ROI than e-mail marketing and digital ads. In fact, direct mail is a great way to engage with consumers from diverse demographics—especially since direct mail campaigns are seen as the most trustworthy form of advertising.  

While digital marketing has certainly changed the landscape of print advertising, it hasn’t made print obsolete. If you need help with print advertising, our experts at Pel Hughes can help. We have a team of seasoned professionals and use the latest printing technology. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.

The brochure is one of the most lauded print materials a company can invest in. Well-made brochures convey your entire brand’s message in a matter of seconds. It sets the tone for what clients or customers can expect from your company and your offerings. A poorly-made brochure, however, does the opposite. 

Selecting the right layout for your brochure matters.  If you’re looking for brochure inspiration, the team at Pel Hughes has curated ten wonderful designs that can suit the needs of businesses in a range of industries.  

#1 A Modern Bi-Fold Brochure 

A departure from the standard tri-fold brochure, this modern bi-fold piece features geometric graphics and a sleek, modern design. This brochure is perfect for businesses operating in the creative realm, such as copywriting, graphic design, or digital marketing.  

#2 A Minimalistic Corporate Brochure 

This minimalist corporate brochure conveys a powerful brand message without a busy, dizzying aesthetic. It’s a bi-fold design with clean, professional elements that can suit a range of industries and business sizes.  

#3 A Corporate Profile Brochure 

This template could meet the needs of a number of businesses in the market for a corporate profile brochure. It is easily customizable and boasts grid-based layouts. This editorial style template accommodates up to 20 pages of content.  

#4 A Bright Brochure for Companies in the Finance Sector 

This inviting and bright brochure has room for plenty of copy and infographics. Ideal for financial planning and accounting firms, this brochure presents helpful information in a clean, organized manner. 

#5 A Modern Brochure for Proposals 

Brochures are excellent tools for accompanying proposals. This template boasts a bold, eye-catching design with enough room for infographics, stock photos, and copy to help sell an idea or service.  

#6 A Sleek Annual Report Brochure 

Annual reports are one of the most important materials a company will distribute. This 16-page template is grid-based and well-organized for compartmentalizing important information.  

#7 A Bold Brochure for Non-Profits 

This striking brochure is perfect for nonprofits that serve animals, the environment, and other ecological causes. Its customizable design is perfect for showcasing vivid photos and drawing attention to copy with an important mission.  

#8 A Red Brochure for Educational Institutions 

This tri-fold template is great for colleges, trade schools, and private/charter schools. It is customizable with bold fonts, icons, images, and modern colors.  

#9 An Information-Forward Brochure for the Healthcare Industry 

Whether you operate a dental, medical, or chiropractic practice, this informative brochure is great for presenting fact-based information to patients. Perfect for patient education, this brochure has bright colors, great readability, and room for evidence-backed copy that helps people take charge of their wellbeing.  

#10 A Corporate Brochure for Creative Agencies 

This easy-to-edit template offers striking design and ample space for copy. Its images, text, and colors can be personalized without difficulty. 

If you’re looking for great support on your next brochure, give the team at Pel Hughes a call at (504) 486-8646. We can print your brochures from templates or our graphic designers can help you develop a stunning brochure from scratch.  

COVID-19 has upended the lives of people across the globe. On top of a concerning death toll, this mysterious new disease has also wreaked havoc on the business world. Companies in every industry are revamping their practices and trying to anticipate the ways that a novel virus could affect their business.  

Those who utilize presentation folders might be wondering how COVID will affect this common sales practice. Fortunately, there is some insight on how presentation folders will fit into the business climate.  

Presentation folders drive sales—especially in specific industries. According to CEOs of printing companies, the presentation folder has had a moment of importance during the pandemic. Presentation folders have been especially beneficial to healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers. They have also been useful for real estate agents, banking institutions, and lenders along with service providers such as house cleaners, power washers, and roofers.  

In addition to presentation folders’ surge in popularity, brochures have become a well-liked communication tool for sales. Both types of products give new and existing consumers tangible materials packed with helpful information.  

In the wake of COVID-19, sales professionals have endured unprecedented stress. Consumers are wary of getting too close to people—which makes it difficult for sales professionals to discuss services and products in a way that they are used to. Items like presentation folders and brochures have become valuable communication tools for sales people because it conveys important messages while allowing consumers to keep a distance that is safe and comfortable to them.  

What Makes Great Presentation Folders 

Presentation folders and brochures might become the most effective tools you have to communicate with your clientele. When designed properly and printed with quality materials, these items can make a lasting impression on existing and potential clients.  

Some key elements to consider when developing presentation folders are common design components such as fonts, color, and graphics along with the quality of paper you choose. The costs of printing custom brochures and presentation folders is at a historic low due to advancements in technology and design software. A reduction in cost means that many organizations can invest in quality paper that makes a strong, favorable impression.  

It’s important to remember that printed materials evoke one of the senses often overlooked in the modern age: touch. Investing in good quality paper that has texture and weight can increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and build a favorable reputation with your brand.  

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to discuss marketing and advertising tools with a printing company. Pel Hughes offers a team of experienced graphic designers and printing professionals along with cutting edge technology to serve your business’ unique needs.  

We help businesses in diverse industries develop compelling presentation folders, brochures, direct mail pieces, banners, and oversized items. Our mission is to help your business thrive—especially during hard times. Give our team a call today at (504) 486-8646 to learn more and request a quote.