How to Start a Results-Driven Content Strategy - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

When it comes to digital marketing, content is king. Original content will drive traffic to your digital channels, build your brand, and convert consumers into customers. Developing a content strategy is a serious undertaking as results are not guaranteed. How you approach your content strategy should be determined by how your industry operates, what makes […]

Reading Online Vs Print: Consumer Preferences - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Digital readership is popular, whether that’s reading the news on your phone in the morning over coffee or purchasing a Kindle to download the latest best seller. Although less print books and papers are bought than in the past, they are still in circulation because it turns out: people love to read in print.   When […]

Why Print Advertising is Still Important for Your Marketing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Print advertising might be in decline during the digital age but it’s not dead. The truth is that print advertising is still relevant, even in the time of Covid-19. If you provide a service-based business or have a brick-and-mortar store, you absolutely need to tap into effective methods of print advertising. From mailing circulars and […]