Pel Hughes Offers Door Hanger Printing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

The point of marketing is to be seen. While direct mail can be effective, there are times when a brand is “out of sight; out of mind” if it is lost in a sea of promotional mail. One way to bypass the tendency of consumers to throw away promotional mail without looking at it is […]

Tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns Is Easier Than You Think - Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

The rise of the online market has led some marketers to the assumption that traditional or offline marketing is dead (or at least dying). Among other reasons for prioritizing online marketing, these companies make the mistake of assuming that social media and digital advertising are the only way to track public engagement and measure the […]

Why Does the World’s Largest Digital Advertiser Use Direct Mail? - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Many people underestimate the power of direct mail. It turns out this advertising method is not as obsolete as people may think. Even the world’s largest digital advertiser, Google, utilizes direct Mail.  Google is a Goliath— most of us use a handful of its branches, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Maps. […]