When is the last time you made an impulse buy in a grocery store or clothing retailer? Where did this impulse buy occur? More than likely, it occurred near the register as you waited in line. What lured you in was probably the signage surrounding the shelves of candy bars or lip glosses. The strong […]

what is every door direct mail - pel hughes printing new orleans

Although digital has dominated the marketing landscape for more than a decade, direct mail is still relevant for building your brand and expanding your consumer base. Studies show that direct mail is very effective at driving sales and developing a targeted awareness for your brand.  At Pel Hughes, we believe in the power of the […]

Win customers with colorful packaging_ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Color is a powerful element in designing great packaging. The right colors, chosen to complement one another, can turn curious consumers into loyal customers who will select your product from a sea of competitors. Improper color execution, however, can turn people away from your product. Developing the right color scheme for your product is a […]