what is every door direct mail - pel hughes printing new orleans

Although digital has dominated the marketing landscape for more than a decade, direct mail is still relevant for building your brand and expanding your consumer base. Studies show that direct mail is very effective at driving sales and developing a targeted awareness for your brand.  At Pel Hughes, we believe in the power of the […]

Win customers with colorful packaging_ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Color is a powerful element in designing great packaging. The right colors, chosen to complement one another, can turn curious consumers into loyal customers who will select your product from a sea of competitors. Improper color execution, however, can turn people away from your product. Developing the right color scheme for your product is a […]

Direct Mail and Print Marketing Can Complement and Increase Online Sales - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Marketing in the 21st century is certainly dominated by digital channels. While having a content-forward website and blog along with an active social media presence is essential to a business’ survival, print advertising and direct mail still have a place in every business’ marketing strategy. In fact, properly executing direct and print marketing initiatives can […]