How to Get Your Retail Store Ready After COVID Lockdowns - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Business owners are reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the threat of this virus is not over, there are a number of communities that have been able to get the pandemic under control. As brick and mortar stores are allowed to re-open, it leaves business owners with lingering questions. Re-opening a store […]

Direct Mail Tips for the Holiday Season - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Despite a raging pandemic and a host of other economic woes, businesses throughout the United States are welcoming the Holiday Season with open arms. Holiday spending can help put a lot of enterprises’ ledgers back in the black. Direct mail is a great way to entice potential customers, especially those who are staying indoors to […]

Printing tips_ 5 Rules for Readability with Type_ Pel Hughes print marketing new orleans

Word processing and desktop publishing packages allow our team at Pel Hughes to create eye catching content. While we have the software to produce professional and attention-grabbing print materials, it’s our fine-tuned experience that really impresses our clients.  Aside from producing quality copy and the great design on your print materials, the next biggest hurdle […]