Developing a persuasive and effective direct mail campaign is an involved process. Not only should your design, font, and graphics look enticing, your copy should spurn action and reflect the value your business has to offer. Truth be told, your direct mail campaigns may require numerous revisions but the end result is worth it. Copywriting […]

advertising in print facts

Advertising is the lifeblood of enterprises throughout the United States. Properly-executed advertising can boost sales and deepen brand recognition. In the last 20 years, the use of digital advertising has exploded. While digital ads have their merit, it’s wise to avoid overlooking the power of advertising in print. Pel Hughes is a family-owned printing company that […]

advertising with print

From online banking to remote learning and app-based grocery shopping, it might seem that almost everything has moved to the digital space. Even the advertising world has be rocked by this fact of 21st century life. Although digital advertising has its merits, it doesn’t mean that print should be overlooked. Print advertising still has a place—especially specific forms […]