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5 Reasons Direct Mail is Worth Sending 

Businesses of all sizes have to operate under strict budgets and many times, it can be difficult to discern where to allocate your marketing funds. While some might wince at print advertising because we live in a world dominated by digital marketing, there are compelling reasons to invest in direct mail.   Following are five reasons you […]

Direct Mail Tips: Should I send postcards or letters? 

If you follow our blog, you’ve likely learned about how powerful direct mail is at reaching consumers and developing brand recognition. Two of the most popular forms of direct mail are postcards and letters. Each offers unique advantages. Our team at Pel Hughes can help you determine which direct mail method is right for your needs.   Benefits of Postcards  […]

How to Communicate with a Graphic Designer 

In addition to offering world class printing services, Pel Hughes provides in-house graphic design for our clients who need new logos, signage, direct mail, business cards, and other print materials. If you’re new to working with a graphic designer, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect from the process. The main thing to keep in […]


Easy Tips for Developing Effective Custom Packaging 

Packaging sets the tone for your brand. Advancements in printing technology have made developing unique and eye-catching custom packaging more cost-effective than ever before. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become a workhorse driving consumer activity. More people are turning to online shopping and delivery than in years past and this […]

Advanced Printing Techniques: Spot UV and Raised Varnish 

Pel Hughes is one of the country’s leading print companies. Serving businesses in a variety of industries—including those who work directly with consumers and B2B enterprises, we offer advanced printing methods that can produce stunning effects. Two advanced printing techniques you should know about are spot UV and raised varnish. These printing methods produce striking […]

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How an Online Management System Can Make Marketing Easier 

Marketing is the lifeblood for many businesses. The problem, however, is that managing marketing and advertising campaigns takes serious effort and time. Fortunately, technology has made producing marketing and advertising materials much easier with digital management systems. Our team at Pel Hughes offers Storefront—a management system that can increase efficiency and reduce your costs when it comes to handling your […]


10 Tips for Businesses New to Print Advertising

Even in today’s highly digitized world, print is still a necessity. Well-executed print can increase your sales, develop interest in your brand, and reach target customers. If you’re new to print, however, the myriad of services available to you can feel overwhelming. Our team of printing pros can help. Here’s 10 tips to mull over […]

A Quick Guide to Understanding Printing Lingo 

Every industry has its own vernacular and the printing industry is no different. For customers, however, these words may be unfamiliar. To help, our team has compiled a handy guide to help you learn more about common lingo you might hear among print professionals. Understanding this terminology can help you learn more about the wide […]

Should You Combine Print Advertising with Digital? 

Like countless other businesses, you might be devoting all your advertising and marketing efforts to digital channels. While digital advertising is generally good for business, if you’re relying solely on digital, you might want to look into print advertising. According to a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, print is considered the most trustworthy form of […]

2021 Marketing Trends: Direct Mail Retargeting

While many businesses are digitally-forward with their marketing, there is still a real need to engage in print from time-to-time. Print, particularly direct mail, offers high conversion rates and resonates well with customers across many demographics.