Promotional Product Gifts

From branded pens and notepads to reusable water bottles, we have all been gifted promotional products at some point in our lives. When promotional products have a purpose—like a cloth grocery bag or an umbrella, your employees and customers/clients will likely use them frequently. This is why the country’s biggest employers and top retailers gift promotional materials when they onboard new employees or when a customer makes a substantial purchase.

Promotional materials aren’t just a helpful tool for the titans of industry. In fact, businesses of all sizes in an array of industries can benefit from them. The pros at Pel Hughes can help you develop promotional products consistent with your brand’s image. 

Following are five ways you can incorporate promotional products into your branding repertoire. 

#1 Welcome New Employees

Adding branded promotional materials to welcome packages for employees can make their onboarding process more pleasant. We recommend incorporating branded pens, notepads or spirals, and reusable water bottles to all your new employee packages. These materials can help integrate new staff members into your organization and make them feel valued. 

#2 Reward Big Purchases or New Customers

Promotional materials can go a long way with your customers—both new and existing ones. Consider gifting customers who make large purchases with simple branded materials like reusable totes. You can also provide small, affordable promotional products to customers when they make a first-time purchase from your website or for those who sign-up for an e-mailing list. 

#3 Pass Out at Trade Shows

For enterprises engaging in business-to-business commerce, trade shows are often an important component of making connections with potential clients. Every great trade show booth should be well-stocked with promotional materials for your visitors. Affordable items like mousepadslanyards, and pens can go a long way with establishing positive associations with your brand. 

#4 Gift Baskets to Potential Clients

Gift baskets to potential clients in your area can make it easier to reach out to potential clients. For instance, let’s say you’re opening up a new dental practice. Sending out gift baskets with branded materials to local businesses can help bring in new patients. A winning combination is to have coupons for new patients along with a variety of promotional products for a business’ employees to choose from.

#5 Employee Retention Programs

Staff turnover can put a dent in your bottom line. This is why many businesses work with human resources to develop employee retention programs. Promotional products can help keep morale high by making your employees feel valued and appreciated. We recommend giving out useful promotional products like umbrellas, laptop cases, branded earbuds, and coffee mugs to celebrate employee promotions and anniversaries or as prizes for contests. 

Pel Hughes offers an array of promotional products that you can customize to align with your brand’s image. You can view a complete catalogue of our promotional materials by visiting If you have questions or would like to request a quote, give our office a call at (504) 486-8646 to speak with a helpful member of our team.