5 Ways to Take Your Brand Outdoors with COVID-Friendly Marketing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

After nearly a year of contending with COVID-19, people have become accustomed to living their lives very differently. These sweeping changes that we’ve all made to our daily lives have affected the way that businesses operate. How are we to reach customers when it’s difficult to get them into our brick-and-mortar stores? While reaching customers is more difficult, there are some COVID-friendly marketing tactics we can use to increase brand recognition and promote our products. 

Use Outdoor-Friendly Signage and Banners

Many businesses—from boutiques to restaurants—have moved their operations outdoors because it’s safer than poorly-ventilated indoor areas. If you can take your business outdoors, consider investing in branded banners, signage, and even custom canopies. These materials will help you establish your brand’s presence and entice potential customers to visit your business. 

Implement Window Graphics

Sometimes, people who are hesitant to shop will enter a brick-and-mortar store if its storefront is enticing enough. Taking advantage of the space on your store’s windows for advertising can help bring reluctant shoppers inside. It can also give them an idea what your business has to offer so that they may patronize your business online. Window graphics need to be professionally designed with eye-catching photos and legible copy. 

Car Magnets

You can easily turn your car into a mobile advertisement with car magnets. These can help keep brand recognition alive in times of slow business activity. A car magnet should contain your logo, your contact information, and graphics that grab attention. 

Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great form of advertising—especially when these products serve a real purpose. Items like reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, pens, hand sanitizer, and reusable face masks make great promotional products. 

These items can be dispersed a number of ways. They make for great additions to pop-up stores, gifts with purchase, and booths at trade shows. They’re also great for gift baskets to take to another business or organization. If you’re a chiropractor, for example, giving away a gift basket to local businesses who have employees that might benefit from your services is a great way to build interest in your brand. 

Promotional Flags

A promotional flag waving outside your business can help generate interest—especially if your business is off the beaten path. Well-made flags are great for businesses that conduct commerce outdoors such as auto dealerships and garden nurseries. Branded flags are visually striking and can serve as a reminder that you’re still in business—in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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