direct mail campaigns

Did you know that businesses who use direct mail can see higher response rates than social media advertising and e-mail marketing? It’s true; when direct mail campaigns are properly executed, they can yield great results. When considering venturing out into direct mail advertising, it is important to know what makes direct mail campaigns effective and what doesn’t.

The pros at Pel Hughes have helped businesses throughout the United States develop compelling direct mail campaigns. Here, we have compiled five tips to help you get on the right track. 

#1 Define Direct Mail Campaign Objectives

Every advertising campaign needs clearly defined goals. Are you looking to drive sales? Perhaps you are opening a new location of your business and want to announce your presence to your community. Before you begin the process of composing a direct mail campaign, it is important to figure out exactly what your goals are. 

Common goals can include: increasing sales, generating interest in your services, reaching out to target demographics, and increasing traffic to your website or social media channels. 

Defining your goals helps shape the direction of your campaign. 

#2 Know Your Competition

Does your competition use direct mail to solicit potential customers? Is your competition attracting new leads at a rate higher than yours? How does your messaging and brand image differ from your competitors? Understanding your competition and evaluating their approach to advertising can help you develop direct mail campaigns that highlight the advantages of choosing to work with your business. 

#3 Develop a Great Mailing List

In the past, businesses sent direct mail to as many people as possible. Focusing on quantity over quality, however, can yield less-than-ideal response rates. With advanced technology, businesses can purchase mailing lists that are carefully curated to reach the exact demographics you want. Using this data to your advantage can enhance the effectiveness of your print advertising initiatives. 

#4 Utilize a Compelling Call to Action

Good direct mail campaigns have clear calls to action. Your recipients should understand precisely what it is that you would like them to do. Common calls to action involve booking an appointment for a service you provide, signing up for an e-mail mailing list, following your social media channels, or using a coupon you provided for their purchases. Your direct mail pieces should have easy-to-find contact information in addition to clear calls to action.  

#5 Solicit Help from Printing Pros and Graphic Designers 

These days, many business owners will take a do-it-yourself approach. While this can save money, some tasks should be delegated to experts. Direct mail is one task that can benefit from the expertise of print and graphic design professionals. Working with our team at Pel Hughes can help ensure that your direct mail campaign resonates with your potential consumers. Our team can help you develop striking direct mail pieces that reach the customers most likely to do business with your brand. 

If you have questions about direct mail campaigns, check out our website and blog to learn more. You can Pel Hughes at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.