Want to know how to get ahead of your target market?

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How Can We Help You?

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Every engagement begins with a consultative approach. Our team assures that all marketing efforts are fully aligned with your objectives. We work with your team to develop a strategic, automated, multi-touch program that delivers the right message to the right audience, is measurable and drives conversions.


Database marketing depends on insight gained from data. We merge data, design, and delivery across multiple media channels to automate the delivery of relevant messages and offers to your audience.  Pel Hughes data team creates custom marketing campaigns to retain your clients or gain new ones.


You can choose to use one of our creative partners, or we can work with your creative team or agency to provide data-driven communication consulting services. We can suggest messaging, offer and format recommendations.

Direct Marketing

As a leading Direct Marketing Service Provider, Pel Hughes provides measurable marketing solutions to help companies efficiently acquire new customers, nurture existing ones, and maximize ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).


At Pel Hughes, our foundation in print strengthens our understanding of how to execute a worthwhile cross-media campaign and ensures that your printed materials will be a paramount investment to your marketing plan. Our investment in automation and hardware ensure your print projects are met with consistency, efficiency, and relevancy.

What is the difference?

Creative Ideas

We will tactically collaborate with  you and your team, using our extensive knowledge and valuable resources, to discover the creative potential your campaign holds!

Your All-In-One Service Provider

your one stop resource for delivering the best suited campaign for your business. Our modern processes provide the capability to communicate directly to your customers and measure your success in real-time.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Our experience and know how allows our staff of over 30 professionals to solve your solutions before there is a problem.

Data, Data, Data!

At Pel Hughes we understand the importance of measurable campaign results, our advanced data gives us the tools to help you reach the right audience, at the right time and measure your success as it’s happening.

Why PelHughes?
  • Our broad portfolio of satisfied customers.
  • Our staff’s experience and accessibility to work with you every step of the way!
  • We provide you with printing options (and we know print!)
  • We have efficient technical services to get your projects to us, eliminating concern.
  • We work with you not only to deliver a successful campaign, but also to maintain the continuation of success and follow-through.